Recruitment Marketing: Banker Steel

by | Mar 29, 2022

Recruitment marketing videos for prominent steel manufacturer needed a solid foundation.

From the Client

“Appeal Production really listened to what we wanted and designed something custom that worked for us. We are in the early stages of implementation, but we can already see an improvement in the quality of candidates. Definitely time and money well spent.” – Jennifer Austin, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Banker Steel Company


When we met Jennifer Austin from Banker Steel, a full-service steel fabrication company based in Lynchburg, Virginia, she told us they were struggling to reach new labor markets because they had been recycling the same type of candidates.


The solution was not as simple as creating a new recruitment video for them. During the discovery process, we learned that there were internal challenges the Banker Steel team faced that video alone could not fix. We shared this information with Jennifer and her team and told them we felt it was best to take a step back and find the root of the problem before creating a video solution for their needs. While this delayed the video recruitment projects, we knew it was the right thing to do.

A couple of months later, when it came time for production, the groundwork had been laid to attract the right people for their welder and fitter positions. We used employee descriptions, helped them create an aspirational tagline (“Don’t just admire the skyline. Build it.”), and showed actual employees from a variety of their facilities to attract the right candidates for the job. The final product that we constructed (see what we did there) was a series of recruitment and onboarding videos around their new tagline to attract employees who wanted more than a job, they wanted to be part of something bigger.


After completion of the videos, Banker Steel used them at a recruitment fair for hiring new employees. At the fair, they reported more prospects who stopped to talk with them and more interviews with potential candidates than they had at previous recruitment fairs.