Animated Graphics: JMU Sports Properties

by | Mar 4, 2024

A Slank Dunk for JMU Sports Properties’ Partners

From the Client

Appeal Production developed a strategy for us and our corporate partners to utilize all our new digital signage displays. Because of our relationship, we are able to offer our partners more creative ways to tell their stories on the various platforms we offer. Being able to offer our partners creative design and video production has taken our business to another level for us and our partners. – Jordyn Vannes, Coordinator, Partnership Services 


JMU Sports Properties was struggling to provide video and animated graphics for their corporate partners who had limited abilities to create their own content. Their need for a creative solution intensified, after moving into their new Basketball facility.  

Having worked with us in the past, JMU Sports Properties reached out to our team to see what opportunities there could be to not only have us design creative animated graphics for their partners but to do it in a way that showed off their new facility’s technology. 


When we met with the team at JMU Sports Properties, we realized that each partner had different levels of provided content as well as different messaging goals. 

Some partners’ provided materials lent themselves better to still imagery, whereas others lent themselves to more intricate video displays.  

With this in mind, we worked with JMU Sports Properties to devise a plan that would allow us to optimize their partners’ brand files for the variety of different screen sizes in the arena, regardless of how much content they had on hand. 


Through our creation of animated graphics and our collaboration with JMU Sports Properties, we were able to help them maximize their partnership with JMU Athletics while also bringing their business, products, and services to life.