Animated Graphics: Everence Financial

by | Mar 13, 2024

Financial Services Company Achieves Dynamic, Consistent Branding with Reusable Assets


From the Client

Jeff Shafer, Senior Marketing and Media Manager at Everence Financial, commended our team for helping empower the Everence team to expedite their in-house animation projects while ensuring consistent, dynamic branding across all endeavors:

The Appeal team has provided us with outstanding work and service –– delivering final and reusable brand media assets and templates to use for our in-house projects, allowing us to create faster, easier and consistently on brand for our projects. Thanks all! – Jeff Shafer, Senior Marketing and Media Manager 



In today’s competitive landscape, maintaining consistent branding across various marketing materials is paramount for financial services companies. Everence Financial, faced with the challenge of limited staff availability to create standardized media assets for both internal and external use, sought a solution to streamline their branding efforts. Here’s how they achieved their goal with the help of our team at Appeal Production. 

Everence Financial boasted an adept in-house marketing team capable of crafting branded materials. However, they encountered difficulties when it came to creating animated video designs that seamlessly aligned with their existing branding. They needed assistance in developing cohesive assets that could be reused across different platforms and events. 


Understanding Everence’s needs, we engaged with their marketing team to assess their requirements for animated designs. Collaboratively, we devised a solution that would provide them with a comprehensive package of customizable assets, including logos, animations, call outs, and transitions. These assets were designed to be easily editable, ensuring Everence could adapt them for future projects and maintain brand consistency. 


By implementing the provided animated assets, Everence Financial successfully conveyed their messaging to both internal stakeholders and external audiences with consistent, dynamic branding. This consistency bolstered their brand identity and enhanced their communication efforts across various channels. 

In Summary

In conclusion, our collaboration with Everence Financial exemplifies the power of tailored solutions in achieving consistent, dynamic branding across diverse marketing initiatives. Through strategic planning and innovative asset creation, we helped Everence elevate their brand presence and enhance their marketing endeavors for years to come. 


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