Corporate Culture: Blue Ridge Pallet

by | Apr 28, 2023

Corporate culture videos for pallet company unify employees.

From the Client

“We were looking for onboarding and training videos for our team members. Andy came through in a big way. He made sure to listen carefully and make sure we were happy every step of the way. Thank you, Appeal Production!” – Karl Millsap, Owner, Blue Ridge Pallet 


As a growing company, Blue Ridge Pallet was concerned their company values and training practices weren’t being communicated consistently. In a manufacturing facility like theirs, inconsistent training can lead to safety risks for employees and liability exposure for the company Not being clear on corporate culture can cause confusion and dissatisfaction among employees increasing the likelihood of turnover 


To help Blue Ridge Pallet build alignment around company values and standardize training materials, we created a series of corporate culture and training videos for them. One long-form video focused on attracting the right recruits by highlighting company values. The three training videos centered on personal protection equipment, safety practices, proper machine usage, and specific job duties. 


Blue Ridge Pallet utilizes the videos for onboarding new employees as well as refreshing team members on the values of the company.  We’re planning additional ways they can use video to continue to elevate their company culture.