Customer Marketing: Dove Development & Consulting

by | Feb 26, 2024

Consulting company speaks to prospective clients with on-brand video reel. 

From the Client

“Since working with Appeal on our initial “Emerging Leader Development” promo videos, we found ourselves in need of a speaker promo reel that we could share with prospective clients. Appeal was an automatic choice. The challenge, though, was that we had NOTHING to use. Although we had been speaking for and training groups for years, we had never recorded any of it. Not only did the team coach us on how to capture some video on our own, they came to a few different events where we were presenting and put together a speaker reel that was far beyond what we ever expected! – Wes Dove, Partner & Founder


The founders of Dove Development & Consulting, Wes and Cindy Dove, were looking for a way to market their services as keynote speakers. While they had spoken at a variety of events both in scale and location, they had minimal videos and photos from those events that they could share with prospective clients. When we met with them, we suggested a speaker reel using corporate video production to market these services.


To ensure Dove Development & Consulting had the content they needed to reach their target audience, we came up with a creative solution to collect the necessary elements for their project.  

In addition to having our team film at a few different upcoming speaking engagements, we also worked with Wes and Cindy to have them record audio from their various virtual sessions they conduct with clients via Zoom. 

With this mix of audio from their Zoom calls and the footage we filmed on-site, we were able to tell their story in a broader way. 


Since using corporate video production to market their keynote services, Dove Development & Consulting has been able to showcase a snapshot of how they connect with each audience they serve, not only through the materials they deliver, but also in developing relationships with members of every audience.