Customer Marketing: Massanetta Springs

by | Dec 19, 2023

Camp and conference center inspires donors with strategic video marketing.

From the Client

We’ve produced four videos with Appeal over the years. Two were for our website, one for a capital campaign, and one for our 100th anniversary celebration. Appeal excels at listening to what the client wants from the beginning. This makes getting to a final product much easier and faster because they really are trying to create what you need. All their staff has been very professional, prompt, and responsive. I highly recommend them. – Clayton Rascoe, Executive Director


For over 100 years, Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center has hosted a variety of conferences, events, camps, and retreats. During our Discovery Call, they shared that their facilities aren’t at the standard of quality, the level of accessibility, or as modern as they needed to attract customers. The dated facilities put them at a competitive disadvantage and increased missed opportunities for new customers. 

There was also concern that delaying fundraising for capital improvements would cause donors, employees, and stakeholders to lose confidence in the organization. Impacting morale, motivation, and commitment due to the perception that the organization is not investing in its future   


Having worked previously with Massanetta Springs, we had a good feel for their brand and their values. We also understood the audience for the capital campaign needed a different message than prior customer marketing videos. To inspire the audience to be part of the capital campaign, we wanted remind them how Massanetta Springs shapes faith, creates leaders, and builds inclusivity. The story was told by a wide range of stakeholders across Virginia and North Carolina with Executive Director, Clayton Rascoe, casting a vision for the future of Massanetta Springs and asking for donations  


As of fall 2023, Massanetta Springs has raised 3.1 million dollars of their initial 4.25 million dollar goal. Crediting the capital campaign video as a key tool in that success.