Customer Marketing: F&M Bank

by | Mar 21, 2023

Bank uses videos to gain visibility with their new markets during recent expansion efforts.

From the Client

“F&M Bank sought to tell the story of its efforts focused on helping small businesses, local companies, not-for-profits, farmers, neighbors, and friends in the Shenandoah Valley. Andy and his team helped us conceptualize a theme and build a video series that supports our clients and community. Appeal Production is easy to work with, responsive, and excellent at their work. I highly recommend them for attention-grabbing, on-target video production!” – Holly Thorne, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing at F&M Bank 


F&M Bank is headquartered in the Shenandoah Valley, with a network from Winchester to Waynesboro and growing. They were experiencing a lack of brand differentiation in the communities they serve. Recently, they have started expanding into other markets, but have been concerned about getting lost among the competition. 


To help F&M Bank continue to grow its reach and visibility, we put together a plan to create a batch of commercials each with different themes, but all dedicated toward differentiating F&M Bank from their competition with videos that humanize and localize them.  


This plan has since become a yearlong marketing campaign where we’ve not only been able to help F&M Bank increase their visibility, but we’ve also had the chance to highlight some of their clients in their commercials as well. 

This first video was for their “Dream” project which set the stage for the rest of the commercials to follow. The goal was to help F&M Bank gain market share while still being true to their roots.  Having opened their doors in 1908 with the oak tree as their symbol still to this day, we knew this would be an important part of being true to their brand. We used the idea of planting a tree and growing it’s roots to tie F&M Bank to their growing audience.