Recruitment Marketing: Fishburne Military School

by | Aug 2, 2023

Recruitment marketing video helps military school to increase student enrollment in a creative way.  

From the Client

“FMS has worked with Appeal Production since the early 2000s. They truly capture quality footage that reflects our brand and the life of a Cadet at FMS. They are professional, worked within our deadlines, and have strong communication throughout the filming and editing process. Their footage captured, from close-ups to b-roll, to interviews to drone shots, is incredible and will be sure to catch the eye of all viewers. They are the best in the valley!” – Marti Coles, Digital Marketing Specialist


Our long-term client, Fishburne Military School, was experiencing a challenging time getting students to enroll in their programs. Without this increased student enrollment, Fishburne would struggle to be able to offer their student body a robust program 


Our solution was a :30-second TV commercial that allowed them to highlight the programs and students that make Fishburne unique. By appealing to their target audience’s individual interests, we were able to get their attention in a captivating way, while still providing the information graphically about who the program is for, ways they can get involved, and where they can go to apply.  


By creating an engaging and humanizing 30-second commercial that focused on the unique program offerings that Fishburne offers, we were able to help them attract the right clientele.