Recruitment Marketing: Venture Builders Inc

by | Mar 11, 2024

Home Remodeling Company Builds Team Culture with Recruitment-Focused Videos

From the Client

“Andy and the Team did a fantastic job at helping us envision a video to help folks engage with our Join Our Team page. They helped us bring that vision to reality by using the words and comments of our current employees. This video will be used for years to come to recruit more members of our growing team. Thanks, Appeal!” – Jeremy Blosser, Owner


As a building company that was seeking self-motivated and experienced carpenters, Venture Builders Inc was struggling with a lack of ideal applicants.  

There was a desire to hire not just any employees, but right-fit employees. Venture Builders was having a hard time organically finding the best way to expand their team. 

Needing to hire someone who would bring an eagerness to the role, is a team player, and displays professionalism in their clients’ homes; they wanted someone of the same caliber as their current team who matched their company culture  

Without that level of commitment and dedication to the company, Venture Builders was worried they would miss the opportunity to grow their business further.  


Knowing how important company culture is to their current staff, we used their team’s experiences to help tell Venture Builder’s story to attract ideal applicants with similar values.  

Through this use of humanizing storytelling, we were able to tell their target audience not only what it would take to work at Venture, but also why Venture is the ideal employer of choice for them.  


With a new culture-focused video that showcases the high caliber of their current team, Venture Builders has the potential to hire the right applicants, gain new customers, and become the desired employer in the construction industry.