Appeal Lab Marketing Series Part 1 – Identify Your Ideal Customer

by | Feb 6, 2023

Great marketing starts by knowing what your ideal customer “looks” like and where to find them.

Here at Appeal Production, we love getting together to talk marketing with people who know their stuff about this stuff! 

People like Patrick McFadden, Owner of Indispensable Marketing. He led the first Appeal Marketing Lab workshop, a four-part series. Patrick s a small business marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of Indispensable Marketing.

We pulled some interesting soundbites from Patrick’s presentation to share with you and inspire you to think more about the first step in your marketing journey: identifying your ideal customer. 

Why do people buy?

Locate your ideal customers.

Review your reviews.

We learned a lot from Patrick during this presentation. Identifying your ideal customer allows you to personalize and intentionally target your marketing. If you’re getting started, having one target audience or ideal customer is a solid beginning. However, as your marketing gets more sophisticated, you can also have multiple target audiences… just be sure to identify the specific characteristics of each of those particular audiences!

Finally, once you’ve identified your ideal customer, everybody across the organization needs to know who this customer is because it helps everyone focus and know “this is who we’re trying to go for.”

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